What our customers say about us

 Aline - 'It surely is worth the wait' 

“I commissioned Julie to have fabric printed for dining chairs and matching cushions, also some different fabric for the top of a storage stool. I know Julie from Cockpit Arts and she produces wonderful colourful printed fabric, a twist on ethnic meets digital designs. Although the process of having fabrics printed and items upholstered is a lengthy one, it surely is worth the wait, as I am delighted with the results and I would recommend it."


Sylvestre - 'Realise your most of desired textile design projects' - 

“I had been following Kouamo’s work for some time and really enjoyed the colourful collections. I commissioned the refurbishment of my beloved 3 seaters sofa-bed and I was very excited with the result. A unique piece of art!!!! I really enjoyed being part of the project as it was a great experience to work with such a talented and tasteful designer.  I would recommend Kouamo without hesitation. Julie’s natural talent can help you realise your most of desired textile design projects.”


Juliette - 'Kouamo designs feel young and different' - 

Nkunti cushions

“I met Julie during a Eurostar journey. She inspired me with talk of her creations so I came to the Kouamo studio to discover her work for myself.  Kouamo designs feel young and different and can suit a range of furniture and decoration styles. Having bought cushions from the collection, I went on to commission several others featuring the ‘Nkunti’ pattern, which I really love!  Kouamo were keen to deliver a high quality service and made the designs to the exact size and colours I wanted. When I saw the finished result I was very happy indeed!”  


Alicia - "Every time I go home I feel connected to something beautiful...

"I felt a lot of soul and positive energy from your patterns. I love that you put a lot of heart into your designs. I see all this every time I go home and I feel connected to something beautiful. I needed extra soul in my living room and your prints have a perfect mix of colours and african roots. For me the Bangou prints have added meaning of the place we come from and the calmness of the motherland, together with the modern thinking to stay in movement and positive."