With the Viñales Collection, Kouamo takes you to a small town in North West Cuba. Cuba is an island full of fascination and under the surface, much is changing. Here in the countryside though, it feels that time is on hold. 

Our designs draw on the beauty in the detail of everyday life in the Cuban countryside. The music in the air, a queue at the bakery, games on the outdoor football pitch and animals running free in the courtyard. The Viñales people have cultivated tobacco for generations and their cigars are famous all over the world. We celebrate their deep understanding of the soil.

Using layers of print techniques - memories and colours from Viñales, and the surrounding areas are blended with traditional French ‘Toile de Jouy’ tones and styles. Sketches, lino prints and photography depict bright window shutters, a sleeping dog and a tobacco farmer. We observe rocking chairs at ‘siesta’ and the abundant foliage which cloaks the landscape in colour.

Both lively and serene - Viñales is a little place of happiness. We are welcomed with opened arms and filled with the local ‘joie de vivre’.