Bangou is one of our signature print collections - combining bold Cameroonian influences with exquisite French technique. Layers of the Bangou story are combined through screen-printing, photography, sketching and block prints.

The Bangou collection invites you to explore the vegetation present everywhere in the Cameroonian countryside. Bright exotic flowers, majestic trees and tropical vines form silhouetted shapes and shadows. Together we discover birds perching serenely on branches - depicted with lino printing, symbols from the Bamileke language and photography.

With our Esplanade designs, the Bangou collection brings you into the heart of a Cameroonian village to a traditional home of sun-dried brick and wooden frame. The Esplanade is set in the middle of the chief’s property and here important ceremonies, funerals, weddings and other celebrations for the tribe take place.

Bangou plays on the strong colours from West Cameroon, deep reds from the ferrous earth, yellows and oranges from the equatorial sunsets. On occasion these are contrasted with more delicate hues and tones which draw on the shades and ombre of traditional French textiles.


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