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My Life in Colour: Yeshen Venema

Yeshen Venema Studio Cameras

Image: Photograph by Yeshen Venama, Studio Cameras

Yeshen is a freelance photographer, specialising in product and lifestyle photography. He has worked across Europe, shooting for documentary, landscape and education commissions and is currently settled in East London. He writes for blogs and magazines on the subject of photography and, together with his partner Natasha, Yesh & Tash advise clients on how to setup and optimise their e-commerce sites. His personal project 100 Makers explores the work, processes and environments of makers. This is Yeshen’s ‘Life in Colour’:

Lolipop Design by Yeshen Venema

Image: Photograph by Yeshen Venama, Ceramics by Lolipop Design 

Describe your current favourite colour or colour palette and how it makes you feel?

I'm all about texture and gradient light. To be honest it's less about colour, rather the shade/tone of any colour. I often shoot products on neutral greys or soft wood tones as the products themselves are usually colourful. I'm not keen on colour trends, it's all made up stuff... what's more important is creating an atmosphere. The human eye sees so much more than colour, however as a designer, I think it's important to be aware of how colours make us feel.

Yeshen and Tash logo

Image: Yeshen Venama logo designed by Natasha Tonkin

Can you tell us about a brave colour choice you made, which you feel paid off?

I defer all major choices of colour to my wife Natasha. She is so talented with using colour in her films (Tash is an animation director). She designed my logo which I absolutely love. I would have never been brave enough to use red but it just works, especially as she layered in some hand drawn textures.

Yeshen Venema

Image: Photograph by Ashen Venema, Yeshen as a child in Aisholt, Somerset

Can you tell us about a place you have visited which is particularly memorable to you in terms of colour?

I was born in a secluded valley in North Somerset so grew up in very deep greens, fields, oak tree forest, moss covered pathways and rocky hilltops. Earthy tones are very much part of my childhood.

Tea and Bubble by  the Teashed Yeshen Venema

Image: Photograph by Yeshen Venama, Tea and bubble 'Poppaballs' by The Teashed

For a period of time the artist Sophie Calle only ate monochromatic meals in which the foods were the same colour. Which colour would you choose for your meal?

I would say green, not just for the healthy angle but also because I love broccoli, green tea and pistachio ice cream.


Location shoots at The Welsh House cottages
This August Yeshen is taking his studio on the road, working with the very talented stylist Hilary Lowe. Kouamo is taking part and you can too. Find out more about this opportunity to get your products styled and shot in a stunning location.
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