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Dublin Travel Tales

Contemporary Collective - London Edit - Dublin

Visiting somewhere for the first time is always an adventure, but particularly so when you’re heading to your destination to take part in something special. This February Kouamo was invited by the UKTI to showcase in ‘The Contemporary Collective - London Edition’ within Arnotts in Central Dublin. I made the most of my time in Ireland and discovered glimpses of Georgian splendour, colourful street art, some stylish shopping and more. Here are my highlights:

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Inspired by Lisbon

Lisbon Kouamo

After a brilliantly busy Christmas period at Kouamo I took a trip to Lisbon for a much needed winter break. I felt the call for the sun on my skin and for the invigoration of new explorations and inspirations. Lisbon did not disappoint. Here is a visual diary sharing just a few of the sights which caught my eye and warmed my heart.

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Christmas traditions in Cameroon and Cuba

Operation Christmas in Cameroon

How will you be spending Christmas this year?

All around the globe, people experience their own winter festivities and unique traditions for the Christmas period. We have found out a little more about how people celebrate the season in Cuba and Cameroon...

Share your own traditions with us and you could win one of our beautiful Fabric journals...

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