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Sketchbook secrets

Kouamo Sketchbook

Looking inside a designer’s sketchbook can be like taking a peek inside their mind. Last month Kouamo took part in the #marchmeetthemaker challenge set by Joanne Hawker on Instagram. It was a brilliant way to get to know more about the people behind the designs. We particularly loved delving inside their sketchbooks. Here are a few of our favourites...

Leaf Gallery

Leaf Gallery's sketchbook

Melissa Holmes

Melissa Holmes' sketchbook

We love this bird image by Leaf Gallery (top) who say they can’t live without their watercolours. When we have the time, we really enjoy working with watercolour in our own sketchbooks as there is a great freedom to explore so many shades and tones. Our love of new destinations drew us to these sketches by Melissa Holmes (bottom). She experiments with different ideas through sketch and transfers the most successful ones onto special papers to use as a basis for her intricate paper cuts. Part of being a good designer is about experimentation, recognising your strongest ideas and letting go of the others.


Toria Instagram

Toria's sketchbook

Zair Studio Instagram

Fison Zair Studio's sketchbook


Sketchbooks can reveal a great insight into the creative processes used by designers and these examples really capture this journey. We love exploring different textile techniques so we can see why designer Toria (top) collects every single one of her experiment swatches into her sketchbooks. She says it helps ‘unscramble’ her brain to collate her ideas into one place. Fison Zair Studio (bottom) usually starts the creative process by thinking about a colour palette. We love their hand painted colour charts and swatches which highlights the importance colour holds in their accessory designs.

Sugar leaves by Flora Kelly of Morningside Bakes

Morningside Bakes' sketchbook

Kati Pfeifer

Kati Peifer's sketchbook

We partly chose these two examples as they were so intriguing and unusual and partly because they involve tea and cake - two of our favourite treats! These beautiful leaves are made in sugar by Flora Kelly of Morningside Bakes. Flora experiments with colour dusts to bring shade and light to her sugarcraft bringing the designs to life. Designer and Illustrator Kati Peifer revealed this abstract sketch using her favourite tea flavours. We really like the inventive idea and the natural colours she has created.


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