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Designs for Life: 8 active ways Kouamo is helping to support 'people and planet'...

Kouamo Travel Journal fabric journal

At Kouamo we put a lot of thought into our choices to try to make a positive impact. This includes taking specific steps to help support ‘people and planet’. Here are 8 things we actively do which you may not be aware of:

#1 Supporting Social Enterprise

Heba Women's Project social enterprise

We are proud to work with Heba Women’s Project, a London based Social Enterprise who assist with producing our cushions. Heba is an award-winning training & enterprise project providing women from diverse cultural backgrounds with a safe and welcoming place in which to make new friends, learn new skills and engage in enterprise activities.

#2 ​Upcycling Waste​

Kouamo Velvet Travel journal

All of our designs at Kouamo are created with consideration to the environment. We make our Fabric Journals and Travel Journals by upcycling exquisite Kouamo fabric off-cuts.This reduces waste and also means that each and every design is one-of-a-kind.

#3 Quality production

Kouamo Velvet Night Bamena Cushion

At Kouamo our homeware and fabrics are designed to last. While we enjoy exploring trends we know that beautiful well designed pieces defy fashion and have true longevity. Painstaking care goes into every production detail - from the piped finishing on our cushions to the high quality of the fabrics used in our lampshades.   

#4 Supporting Other Local Artisans

Megan from Novella Bookbinding

Novella Bookbinding is Megan Turner-Jones, a talented young bookbinder who employs traditional skills to create gorgeous bespoke stationery. Megan, like Kouamo, is based at Cockpit Arts and she was awarded a space through their Creative Careers Programme in partnership with The Prince’s Trust. We were drawn to the beautiful craftsmanship of her work and have since collaborated on our ever expanding range of Kouamo Fabric Journals and Travel Journals.

#5 Considered Materials

Kouamo Esplanade Wallpaper

As well as upcycling materials and selecting high-quality materials for longevity at Kouamo we have opted for the finest sustainable inks and FSC certified non-woven paper for our Wallpapers. Furthermore our Gift Boxes and Notebooks are made of 100% recycled materials and the latter is covered in uncoated Eucalyptus Pulp paper.

#6 Supporting Independent Family Business

Kouamo Esplanade Lampshades

We craft and design our prints in-house at Kouamo and also work with independent family businesses to assist with the small batch production of our final products. The perfect combination for us is to find like-minded independents such as Autumn Down and Stanley Shades, which also provide superb quality.

#7 Sharing knowledge with others

Julie Kouamo sharing knowledge

We are all about sharing at Kouamo - from presentations and support to other businesses to the style insights and travel ideas we share in our blog each month. One of our greatest passions is sharing our love and knowledge of colour though our guide Confident Colour by Kouamo and events for budding interior decorators looking to explore a richer palette.

#8 Keeping it Local

Autumn Down

We all know the impact of the supply chain and transportation - which is why we try to source and produce locally at Kouamo. All of our printing takes place in the UK, aside from our specialist velvet which is printed in France. HEBA, Novella Bookbinding and Autumn Down are all London based and Stanley Shades is based nearby in Kent.

Now your turn to support an independent brand and shop our collections!



  • Julie Kouamo
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