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Creating a Travel Journal - Kouamo’s Top Tips

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Memories from our travels can be precious and something we want to return to time and time again.

Creating something tangible, to have and to hold, is particularly special and this is one of the reason we love travel journals at Kouamo.  While we are constantly inspired by those who have turned the creation of travel journals into an art form (see our Pinterest board!) we believe that with a little thought and care - each of us can create something just as beautiful and meaningful. There is so much room for free expression, but here are a few ideas to get you started…



Image: Translucent envelopes by SquishnChips

Glue envelopes into your journal to safely store ticket stubs, maps and other precious keepsakes. Buy coloured and patterned envelopes before you go or make them yourself with pamphlets and maps from your travels. Etsy has a multitude of brilliant handmade designs to get you started - in every colour and pattern imaginable. We like these sweet little atlas envelopes by FlowergirlMila (£2.25 for 10) and these tiny vintage style airmail envelopes by Lauhome (£6.99 for 40) which are on theme. Our favourites though are these simple handsewn translucent envelopes by SquishnChips (£10.82 for 20), so you can catch a glimpse of the secret momento inside.


Polaroid Instant Snap Digital Camera

Image: Polaroid Instant Snap by Urban Outfitters

We love digital photographs, but you can’t beat prints. We especially love the romance of a traditional Polaroid and they look brilliant in a travel journal. There is something about the instantaneous nature of capturing the moment and then holding the print. The shake, the reveal - the preciousness of a photograph - which is almost always perfectly imperfect. Go lo-fi magic with a traditional Polaroid One Step (£99.99) or go crisp compact digital with a Polaroid Instant Snap (£110).


Watercolours palette

Image: Watercolours by Yeshen Venema

Sometimes it is a single colour that holds a memory. Even if you don't feel confident painting scenes or people - pack a little set of watercolors and enjoy the simple pleasure of mixing colours and daubing your pages with the hues and tones of your surroundings. Cadmium Red Ultramarine, Intense Blue,  Emerald Green, Burnt Sienna and every colour in between. For compact sets we like the Water Colour Sketchers Pocket Box by Winsor and Newton (£18.75) or Daler Rowney Aquafine Mini Travel Set (£9)

Pressed Flowers

Pressed flowers notebook form the dainty squid

Image: The dainty squid notebook

It has probably not escaped your attention that we like foliage at Kouamo! Plant life comes in so many amazing shapes and forms - distinguishing the different landscapes of our travels from one another. Try carefully pressing a few well chosen flowers or leaves to keep in your journal using these handy tips.  We usually press flowers using books and blotting paper but we recently discovered this Flower Press Mini by Fred Aldous (£6.95), which is compact enough to pack.

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