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Happy New Year. Happy New Year's Resolutions

At Kouamo we love to make new year’s resolutions which inspire us. A new year shouldn’t start struggling to give something up - it could be a time to discover something new - which brings positive change to your life and to those around you.  

We would love to know your new year’s resolutions for 2016 so please add a comment here or on social media with the hashtags #Resolutions2016 #Kouamo. In the meantime here are some happy ones we have in mind:

Start a Journal

Carnets de voyage Stephanie Ledoux

As you may now have realised, we love stories at Kouamo. Your own stories are precious so why not start the year by keeping a journal filled with your travel tales, weekend escapades and special moments. Seek out a beautiful journal, which is a pleasure to use and fill it with memories to treasure. We have created a Pinterest board full of gorgeous journal ideas and inspiration.

View the Pinterest Board >

Shop our Journals >

Photo credit: Stephanie Ledoux


Declutter & Create Headspace

Bangou collection

Creating some light and space in your home not only looks great - the effect can be almost therapeutic. A big clear out helps you let go of what you no longer need and make space for the things in life which make you happy. Take decluttering a step further and create some space in your mind too. At Kouamo we like the look of the Headspace meditation app which is free to trial. 

Check out the Headspace App >


Plan an Adventure


Travel is in the Kouamo DNA and there is nothing like plotting a new adventure to get us excited about the year ahead. We always enjoy scrolling through photographs on Lonely Planet and National Geographic and also recently came across Nomadasaurus - an inspiring website by Lesh and Jazza who have been travelling the world together since 2008. The site is packed full of sustainable long-term travel ideas based on real experiences.

Discover more about Nomadasaurus >

Photo credit: NOMADasaurus


Add Colour to Your Life

Vinales collection

Colour healing apparently dates back to the ancient cultures of Egypt, China, Greece and India. Healing or otherwise - playing with colour is pure pleasure for us at Kouamo. Being surrounded by certain colours also subtly enhances our mood. In the winter months we particularly love having uplifting yellows and creative blues around us. Discover the colours which work for you and introduce them into your home.

Colours moods for your home > 


Surprise Someone

There is no denying that starting the new year by doing something thoughtful for another feels fantastic. It is a win win situation. Be it an unexpected gift, a special outing, a helping hand or simply kind words - the key to a great surprise, is the genuine thought behind it. Put your thinking cap on and make someone’s face light up.

Gift ideas from Kouamo >

Photo credit: Dan Zen Flickr

What are your new year’s resolutions for 2016?

Don’t forget to share your own new year’s resolutions for 2016 in the comments or on social media with the hashtags #Resolutions2016 #Kouamo.

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