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New Trends: Transporting You into a Colourful 2016

Spring summer 2016 Pantone colour palette


Colour is such an important part of Kouamo life. We love to start the new year reflecting on colours from our travels and thinking ahead to new designs and future trends.

For Spring 2016 the colour experts at Pantone predict ‘A Transporting and Transformative Canvas’ of colours which will ‘transport us to a happier, sunnier place.’ Paying homage to the beauty of natural resources, these colours are described as vehicles to more ‘tranquil, mindful environs which encourage relaxation first, followed by curiosity and exploration.’

It is no wonder then, that we find we are particularly drawn to these hues, which bring to mind our peaceful days exploring Cuba.

   Vinales Trinidad turquoise Vinales houses

Pantone butterup Yellow Limpet ShellThe new seasons ‘Buttercup’ yellow and ‘Limpet Shell’ turquoise tone in perfectly with our Trinidad cushions - and capture the nostalgic hues of this charming ‘Casa Gelano’.

Vinales Sunrise journalVinales Orange and Green House Vinales Architecture

Pantone Rose Quartz Peach echo Lilac GreyWe fell in love with the colourful architecture in Havana, which almost spans the entire spectrum of the Pantone Spring Palette. ‘Peach Echo’ and ‘Rose Quartz’ are particular favourites and can be found in this Valle de Vinales (Sunrise) print. The print is shown here on one of our Fabric Journals - complete with elastic in ‘Lilac Grey’.  

Vinales lampshade  Vinales way of life

Pantone Serenity and Snorkel BluePantone’s ’Serenity’ and ’Snorkel Blue’ blend beautifully with our Valle de Vinales lampshade, which features an internal print. Cars and houses are painted every shade of blue in Cuba but you can’t beat the deep colour of the Cuban sky.



Kouamo Unfurl Green cushion Kouamo Sankofa Warm welcome wallpaper Vinales Orange house


Pantone Iced coffee Green FlashIn Vinales a house painted ‘Fiesta’ with ‘Iced Coffee’ tiled roof contrasts with the ‘Green Flash’ of the surrounding vibrant vegetation. Interestingly this colour combination also dips into our colour palette from Cameroon, reflecting the ferrous soil and unfurling vegetation of the Bangou area. 

Find out more about Pantone's colour predictions >





  • Julie Kouamo
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