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Debra Debs concert live at the Kouamo Pop-up Boutique

We wanted to create a special event for our special guests at our Pop-up Boutique and were delighted to welcome the artist Debra Debs - ‘for one night only’.

Debra is half Cameroonian and half British with a penchant for soulful sounds. A perfect blend of influences for showcasing Kouamo collections such as ‘Bangou’ textiles inspired by Cameroon and Europe. Debra brilliantly describes her music as a blend of “NeosoulfulJazzyRnBAfrosoulThings”. Her music is infused with 90′s RnB, Jazz, Gospel and African Rhythms and tends to impart either socio-conscious messages or seductive poetic lyrics. 

The acoustic sound mixed perfectly within the Pop-up Boutique setting - surrounded by the colourful Kouamo travel inspired textiles as well as works by other artists. With our customers gathered together and settled on our comfy seats - this warm and intimate concert was perfect for a Saturday night. The atmosphere was fantastic and Debra soon had the audience singing along with her.

Our thanks to the fantastic crowd who witness this special collaboration between two artists sharing the same Cameroonian and European roots.

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