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Our Debut Kouamo Pop-up Boutique!

Pop-up shops have become a pop culture phenomenon in recent years and according to ‘London Councils’, London has almost 7,000 empty shops. Camden Unlimited and Camden Council have been working together for the last few years to create ‘Camden Collective’ – a pop-up shop collective. We created a Kouamo Pop-up Boutique as part of the collective from 2-6 October, to showcase and sell our products on the busy Camden High Street.

Within the boutique we decided to create two distinct atmospheres, which invited our customers to experience our Bangou and New York collections and other designs in a unique way. Firstly we installed a colourful and exotic room where customers found our cushions, wallpapers and our bespoke chairs: Bami, Tullmask and Nenta. The back room was more intimate and poetic with a photographic exhibition as well as flying bird-cages and our lampshades - creating an aerial space.

We also launched our gift wrap and cotton bags for the occasion and we showcased our new embroidery hoops which garnered interest from customers. Visitors commented that they made great items for interior décor.As Kouamo is inspired by personal stories of travels we also decided to use the Pop-up Boutique experience to find out where you, our wonderful customers, come from! We created a world map to build a visual story of the many different locations. Click here to see the map and the Polaroid pics from the week.

We also curated exhibits of connected works by other artists and designer alongside our Kouamo collections. These works all explore themes which inspire or relate to our designs in some way:     

Lilian Blot

Lilian is an amateur photographer born near Le Mans in the West of France and living in York. He showcased his images of animals and landscapes from Africa and England . His photos are vivid and transport you across the globe.

Barbara Doux

Barbara is a freelance photojournalist based in London. In less than one month she travelled to three continents, discovered six countries, took nine flights and drove more than 20,000km. Along the way she had the opportunity to meet and photograph amazing people. She showcased ‘Lovely Strangers from Africa’ for the first time at the Kouamo Pop-up Shop.  A few examples of her work are below but you can see more in our photo galleries

Abigail Brown

Abigail is a fellow textile artist from Cockpit Arts and her beautiful exotic birds were a perfect accompaniment for our birdcages and our lampshades.

Nick DavisNick, a British sculptor creates hands and feet as coat hooks. These distinctive designs offered a creative way to display our cotton Tote bags.

Debra Debs

Further more on Saturday night our shop was home of an intimate concert with soulful musician Debra Debs. 

We learnt so much though this new experience of running a Pop-up boutique including: creative retail display, ways to attract customers, what visitors respond to first, what they like to buy and their reasons. You can see all the steps in our photo gallery. We loved meeting so many interesting people and had amazing feedback such as: ”Very beautiful” and “It took me somewhere else”.

We will definitely renew the Pop-up Boutique experience! In London, France or beyond! Stay tuned...

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