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Zoom in on Abigail Brown

One of the perks of being based at Cockpit Arts is that I get to know many talented designer-makers...

Today I want to introduce you to Abigail Brown. Abigail is an internationally renowned textile artist and illustrator; she has developed her own techniques and individual style for textile and paper sculpture. She is particularly known for her bird sculptures, which have been exhibited across the world and featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Elle Decoration and the textile magazine Selvedge.

Abigail’s birds are not only beautiful and original - they also carry a story with them, which is something that we love at Kouamo. Respecting their variety and colours, she creates birds that will embellish your home without taking them out of their natural environment!

She explains: ‘I am excited by the opportunity to create life from these flat pieces of cloth, working with their weave to mould shapes, fraying their edges to form feathered breasts, creating stiffened tail feathers from something that was limp. That final placing of the eye and a new life is born.’

Abigail also creates papier-mâché  sculptures which are inspired by all kinds of animals. She explores their rituals and innate language - allowing us to peek into their world of mystery and secrets.

Like our own work at Kouamo - Abigail’s birds and creatures are made with great skill and much love. She produces everything entirely by hand in her studio and each piece is utterly unique. For more information visit www.cockpitarts.com.

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