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Johnson ‘Sunset Chairs’ Commission

“I commissioned Julie to have fabric printed for dining chairs and matching cushions, also some different fabric for the top of a storage stool. I know Julie from Cockpit Arts and she produces wonderful colourful printed fabric, a twist on ethnic meets digital designs. Although the process of having fabrics printed and items upholstered is a lengthy one, it surely is worth the wait, as I am delighted with the results and I would recommend it."

Mrs Johnson, a regular visitor to our Cockpit Arts studio, fell for our Sunset fabric - part of the Bangou collection and rich with colour.  
Following a one-to-one meeting she decided to have her existing dining chairs and cushions reupholstered in this fabric and selected another complementary style to reupholster a cushion on her storage stool.
This was a wonderful project to work on and the fabrics worked beautifully with Mrs Johnson’s pieces. She was delighted with the outcome and felt that the process was well worth the wait!

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