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Question time with Marine our new intern from Paris

Meet Marine the latest addition to our team. Marine will be with Kouamo for two months…

Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Marine Lamour, I am a nineteen and I come from France. I grew up in the Paris area. I am currently studying International Trade at the renowned school Marcelin Berthelot in the city of Saint-Maur-des-fossées. I have always loved travelling, discovering other cultures and countries. I have the ambition to set up my own business one day so this is why I am here today working at Kouamo, who create travel inspired prints, in the dynamic city of London.

In addition I have two hobbies: sports and animals. I always practiced sport from a young age like rowing, surfing and skiing. My favorite passtime is horse-riding because it mixes both of my passions.

When you were growing up what did you want to be?

When I was a child I wanted to be an archaeologist! I think it was because it mixed discovery of countries’ landscape and animal traces. Then a journalist because I enjoyed writing and the idea to move around to tell stories. Unfortunately French lessons and I were not a match!

What attracted you to interning at Kouamo?

Kouamo is the reflection of a professional project with lot of personal investment. I admire Julie who worked so hard to make it happen. Working in a young, small creative company also enables me to work closely with my workmates, to have a better understanding of what I have to do and to have more time to exchange with others.

What is your day to day life at the Kouamo studio?

After exiting the Holborn station and walking a little bit less than ten minutes, I arrive to the studio with my laptop to work at 9.30am. Julie sets me tasks for the day and when it is 1pm. it is time for the lunch! Then I work until 5.30pm.

My days are never the same so it is very exciting! I have been involved in getting the studio ready for Open Studios events at Cockpit Arts as well as market research or writing questionnaires and other interesting tasks.

And when you are not at work in the studio?

When I am not working at Kouamo I enjoy strolling around London - shopping, taking pictures or practicing sports. When I come home I watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix App. My days go quickly!

What is your favorite product of the collection?

It is difficult to choose one because there are so many nice products in the Kouamo collections! But if I have to make a choice I think I will choose Juan Y Pitin in pink but I also enjoy the Esplanade range.

By Marine, Kouamo Intern

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