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Why intern at Kouamo? Sofia gives you her views…


How was your time at the Kouamo studio?

Just one word AMAZING! I had the chance to come into an inspirational environment for designer-makers in London. I worked day to day and hand in hand with other extraordinary designers who showed me an artistic way of living.

What was the best thing about your internship?
Every day I discovered a new aspect of a creative business.

What did you learn about yourself?
I am from Spain and coming alone to London for the first time was not easy to do. After four months, I now know a lot of people. I learnt to be very positive and open minded because even though London is an incredible place with thousands of opportunities it can be difficult to have your own head space in a vast, crowded city. I found that Londoners are really nice and kind - London is a welcoming and multicultural city. It seems people are always trying to make life easier for the others.

Living with four French girls and one girl from New Zealand allowed me to practice three languages at the same time and to understand different cultures. Being able to speak another person's languages doesn’t mean that you fully understand them. One thing that I have learnt is that even inside Europe, we have different lifestyles and ways of saying things.

Did the internship reach your expectations?
Coming to Kouamo was a new adventure for me to embark on and I didn’t have any set expectations. I found being in the studio, learning about Cockpit Arts (the creative community in which the studio is based) and discovering what it really takes to have your own business was a great experience! I feel very lucky.

Would you recommend it?
Of course! I have learnt more about life and practical work during these four months than during my four years of studies. It was great to be able to put my theoretical learning in practice. Working with Julie, hand in hand, gave me the understanding of how to run a successful business.

We are sad to see you go but what is next for you?
Now I need to go back home and focus on my job research.

Any holidays planned?
As I am looking for work I can’t make any plan too further ahead as it will depend on when and where would be my next job.

Kouamo is travel inspired - can you tell us about your dream destination?
Bhutan would be an incredible country to visit at some point. The culture and the way of living of this Kingdom in the South of Asia would bring back the quiet and calm that I have missed in London.

By Sofia, Kouamo Intern

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