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Photographing our Vinales Collection

Our intern Sofia on her experience of our latest photoshoot with Yeshen Venema

Three weeks ago I had the chance to take part in an important photoshoot of a new Kouamo collection called Vinales. This colourful collection is inspired by travels in the Cuban countryside and was launched at ‘Maison et Objet’’ in Paris in January.

There was much to prepare and organise in advance of the photoshoot. I worked with Julie to research the types of images we needed for our website and catalogue. We created a board on Pinterest for inspiration and looked through plenty of lifestyle magazines to understand the type of images the media needs and wants.

The photoshoot was with an independent photographer called Yeshen Venema, who specialises in product and lifestyle photography for designer and makers. He has great expertise in lighting, styling and props and creates beautiful images.

To begin we needed to create a lifestyle setting for our Vinales wallpaper collection in Yeshen’s studio. My job was to put all the props in the correct place, making sure they looked perfect before Yeshen took each shot. I was also responsible for putting the wallpaper up on the wall. This was quite tricky as we had to make sure it was straight! I learnt to use a spirit level which really helped.

We had many different types of props: suitcases, boxes, vases, utensils and plants to use to create different atmospheres. For each wallpaper we looked at our inspirational images and worked out the best combination of props to set off the different designs and colourways. The Vinales collection had taken many months to design and make so it was important to showcase the amazing products with beautiful images.

 I really liked participating in the styling of the picture. Not all of my ideas were right at first but it was a good learning curve. For example - I learnt not to put small flowers in front of a busy pattern, as it can make the picture look fuzzy. I also learnt about combining different textures in the pictures and to check for reflection.

Photos are an essential tool to promote a new collection like Vinales and it was a crucial day of work for us at Kouamo. I had previously only worked on fashion photo shoots and I found lifestyle photography was a very different experience. It was a busy and intensive day of work but we worked together really well as a team. I felt I had the opportunity to contribute creatively and learn a great deal.

I hope you enjoy the final results as much as we do!

By Sofia, Kouamo Intern
  • Julie Kouamo
  • AllMaking Process

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